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Up for something different? Explore the beautiful Balkans!

Slovenia Triglav NP Girl Kayaking

Are you looking for local adventure and spectacular landscapes?

Maybe you don't know it, but there are plenty of good reasons to put the Balkan region on top of your bucket list. For one, Balkan is full of adventure possibilites, and if you've got a bit of adrenaline junkie in you (don't we all?) we can recommend rafting on the wild rivers, trekking in the beautiful mountains or ziplining through deep valleys. Secondly, Balkan is an extremely unspoilt area where you'll find charming old villages, chill road side restaurants along the mountains and the best part? In most cases, you've got it pretty much to yourself! If Balkan has triggered something within you, read on!

Durmitor National Park Mountain Lake Emerald
Check out all the destinations in Balkan
Balkan is one of the most unspoilt regions in Europe, and definitely a place to visit if you're into authentic and local experiences. Oh yeah, and if you have a thing for beautiful landscapes - you won't regreta visit in the region.
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Why travel to the Balkans?

As said, Balkan is all about exploring the unconventional. Even though Balkan seem far from home, it's actually right in the backyard of the more traditional Europe. 

A trip to Balkan in many cases means a trip back in time. You'll find unspoilt nature, old charming villages with houses built of stone and carriages that transport locally produced fruit and vegetables to the local market place. Speaking of time, you'll quickly discover that there's a bit more relaxed attitude to the concept than what you're used to. The locals can spend hours hanging out at cozy cafés in the town squares, and rush is not very common - especially when you get out of the big cities.

Each country in Balkan offers amazing nature experiences. And if that's your thing, you have come to the right place. Explore the beautiful mountain ranges, the crystal clear lakes and wild rivers surrounded by colorful flowers in thousands.

We can help you exploring: 

Train Station In Sunset Czech Republic Cover
Getting to the Balkans
We encourage you to travel to the Balkans with train. Not only is it filled with front row tickets to the amazing landscapes, it's also a great opportunity to meet new people.
Read more about Interrail here!

How to get there

travel with train through balkan

There's plenty of options if you want to visit the Balkans. Of course you can fly there - it's easy and there are a lot international airports in the region. But if you want to make the most of your trip, we encourage you to go there by train. An Interrail ticket is a great alternative to flying, and you'll get to see so much more along the way, as well as you have the opportunity to stop in interesting cities down through Europe. Not to forget the landscapes you'll pass when you're travelling with train. Imagine yourself with a nice cup of coffee, staring out of the window, amazed by the nature, surrounded by friends, family or likeminded travellers. Not too shabby, eh? And before you know it, you'll arrive at your destination.

Activities in the Balkans
The Balkans are all about nature and adventure - preferably in a sweet, sweet combination. Trekking, ziplining, mountain biking and rafting are amongst the popular adventures that awaits you in the Balkans.
Activities in Balkan

What to do in the Balkans?

Balkan is the perfect destination if you're into adventure and beautiful scenery. Don't expect classic tourist attractions such as The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Guggenheim in Bilbao or Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Of course, there's plenty of iconic monuments and historical buildings, but Balkan is all about the nature. 

zipline through valleys in montenegro

If you want to get a proper adrenaline kick, there's the option to go rafting. Balkan has lots of wild rivers with rapids that can challenge even the most experienced rafting pro. You can also choose to fly through deep valleys on zipline, or you can enjoy some mountain biking along tricky trails in the highlands.

If you're into water sports, the countries along the Adriatic Sea offers great snorkeling opportunities, sailing trips and in Croatia you'll even find one the best spots in Europe for kitesurfing.   

Croatia Gradina Korenicka Landscape
Go on a road trip in Balkan
Freedom. It's the most accurate word to describe the feeling you have, when you're on a road trip in the Balkans. Explore small villages, make stops wherever you want and camp in the wild nature.
Road trips in Balkan

Road trip in Balkan

go on a road trip in a camper in balkan

An awesome way of exploring the Balkans is by renting a campervan and hit the roads. Free as a bird, you can explore the amazing countries with exactly the speed that suits you. Camp in the mountains, chill in the cities or drive along the Adriatic coast line making only those stops you feel for. A road trip is definitely the travel form that allows for most freedom, and although the route is entirely up to you, we have a few suggestions for inspiration.

Check out our campervan models in Balkan here.

Mostar Bosnia Herzegovina River Bank View Old Bridge Stari Most
Join a roundtrip with other backpackers
If you want to explore the Balkans, but don't want to be on your own, indulge in a group trip with likeminded backpackers. Who knows? Maybe you'll be getting friends for life.
Check out roundtrips in Balkan here

Join a roundtrip with other backpackers

There's many ways of exploring the Balkans. One way is to join a customized round trip with likeminded backpackers. If you're unsure about what to see, or not in the mood for organizing everything by yourself, the small group tours is a great alternative.

group tours is a great way of exploring the unknown with likeminded travellers

On these trips you'll have a local guide who will show you everything worth seeing in a relatively short time span. There's an amazing vibe in the groups, and nothing beats the feeling of sitting around the bonfire, stargazing and enjoying a beer with your new friends.

You can read more about our roundtrips in Balkan here.


Re:Connect in the Balkans

We've recently created a completely new concept, where you learn new skills. One of those are taking you to the beautiful Balkans, where you attain all the skills needed to survive in the wilderness.

This trip will give you back that kind of playful appreciation for nature that comes from feeling safe in the wilderness. You’ll get the skillset to survive – even if you should ever get lost, alone in the wild. These basic skills will give you the independence and peace to relax in a whole new way.

Check it out here.

Want to know more?

If this article has triggered your wanderlust (we're sure it has!), don't hesitate to reach out. Let's help you plan your next trip to the Balkans, no matter in which form or shape you're dreaming about. 

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